Travis Vachon

Activity Stream Processing in Clojure

Modern web applications are built around the actions their users take against the people and things underlying their data models. The actions themselves quickly become the more interesting dataset for many businesses, and Copious' social marketplace is decidedly in this camp. This talk will describe the real time data processing system Copious uses to collect and transform this stream of activity into the personalized data feeds that drive viral content discovery in a social marketplace.

About the Speaker

Travis cut his teeth in programming as a participant in the inaugural 2005 session of Google's Summer of Code program. After a two year stint at the Open Source Applications Foundation after college, he joined the Climate Corporation (nee WeatherBill) where he discovered the joy of Clojure and played a key role in pushing its adoption to power their massive weather data processing infrastructure. He currently uses Clojure for the real time stream processing and data analytics that underlie Copious, a marketplace that puts people at the center of the experience.