Bodil Stokke

ClojureScript All The Way Down

Node.js is really hip these days. Of course, a barrier to adoption for any sensible programmer is the fact that while the opportunities it provides for network programming are shiny and brilliant, it expects you to write your code in Javascript, a language born with so many design flaws it makes you pine for the halcyon days of COBOL.

We've had a solution to the Javascript problem for a while now, though. It's called ClojureScript, and, oddly, even though it's supported Node as a compilation target almost from the start, the thriving ecosystem of ClojureScript-on-Node tools and libraries you'd expect to spring out of that has been curiously absent. Today, we're going to attempt an experiment: let's join pre-existing Node infrastructure to client-side ClojureScript tools and see if we can build a fully functional 100% CLJS web application in the space of a Conj talk.

About the Speaker

Bodil is a developer, frequent speaker and occasional teacher of web technology and anything that favours s-expressions. Her current obsession is development workflow, and her current experiment to that end is the Catnip editor for Clojure. She lives in Oslo, Norway in a wary relationship with her pet Roomba.