Kovas Boguta

Reinventing the REPL

As developers, we not only produce code, but also data. Session is a web-based REPL that brings Clojure's principles to representing this process, allowing us to persist, query, and share our REPL-based computations. It also greatly extends the scope and utility of the REPL via a tagged-literal approach to UI. These capabilities address major pain-points of working with data, and amplify the power of the REPL for traditional use cases.

About the Speaker

Kovas Boguta has spent 10 years working at the intersection of data and computation. First at Wolfram Research, working on Mathematica, Wolfram Alpha, and studying the world of simple programs; then as founder of YC-backed startup Infoharmoni; and now as the principle analytics engineer at Weebly, where he uses Clojure, Clojurescript, and Datomic. In his spare time he enjoys pondering the relationship between the Principle of Computational Equivalence, and the data/program duality.